Support the League's Voting Rights Work

Support the League's Voting Rights Work

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Dear League Friend:

We need your financial support to continue our voting rights work!

This year we have worked diligently to ensure that all eligible voters – particularly those from traditionally underrepresented communities including first-time voters, non-college youth, new citizens, and minorities, the elderly and low-income Americans have the opportunity and the information to exercise their right to vote.

We have registered new voters at events in our community including:

  • naturalization ceremonies
  • high schools all over Douglas County
  • Lawrence Farmer’s Market,
  • nursing homes, sidewalk sales, and the Lawrence Public Library,
  • city parks, Haskell, KU, and at almost any spot that will welcome us.

We have provided countless citizens information about where and when to vote, including updating registrations. This year we have registered approximately 1,100 new voters.

Since 1931, our mission has been to inform and encourage participation in government and to act on selected governmental issues only after at least three years of researched study. We provide regular local Hot Topic programs including discussions with our new police chief, have monthly Saturday Coffee Groups and Tuesday pub nights.

The State League has two meetings a year. This year, a presentation by State Water Office President Tracy Streeter educated more than 75 members about Kansas Water Policy and the effects on our local communities and farms.

We have worked with the Voter Education Coalition and the ACLU on forums and held a potluck candidate forum in October which drew 18 candidates and more than 100 participants. In the coming year, we will continue with voter education and advocate for changes to our state election system in legislative redistricting and same day registration.

Financial contributions from our members and friends are critical! Most our dues go to support the vital work of our state chapter and the National League of Women Voters. Your timely gift will help us to continue registering and informing more voters, defending voter’s rights, and working to keep the government open and accessible. To contribute online, click our big red DONATE button on the right.

Thank you for your past support. We appreciate your support of voting rights and the League again this year!


Ann Fluker and Kristin Salmans (co-presidents)

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