Dues are Due!

Dues are Due!


Our chapter’s fiscal year runs from April 1st to March 31st. If you have not paid since October 1, 2019, it is time for annual dues to be paid. Students are NOT required to pay dues until 2021. Life Members (50 years or more) are NOT required to pay Dues.

Dues to our chapter are self-assessed based upon income, details are found on the Membership Application (usually the last page in the VOTER) and on our website www.lawrenceleague.com. Your check can be mailed to LWV-LDC PO Box 1072, Lawrence, KS 66044 or you can pay them on our website. If you have any questions, please contact our membership chair – Marjorie Cole at 785-842-6085 (LWVLDCmembershipchair [at] gmail.com) or Treasurer Melissa Wick at 785-550-6160 (lawrenceksleaguetreas [at] gmail.com).

This year we will be distributing the membership roster June 20th to paid up members. You can receive the roster either electronically or by mail. Please let the Treasurer or Membership Chair know your preference.

Thank you for your continued membership as we celebrate our League's100th Anniversary!

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