Highland Park/Highwood

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Stroll to the Polls with HPHS - Intro

Stroll to the Polls March 8, 2020

Stroll Team + Mayor Pecaro of Highwood and Councilman Blumberg of Highland Park

Stroll to the Polls with HPHS

Stroll to the Polls March 8, 2020

Highland Park High School Commons decorated for Stroll to the Polls 3/8/2020

Immigration Part II Panels

Immigration Event Part II

Immigration Series Part II 

Membership Wine and Cheese with Audra Wilson1

Meeting Audra Wilson

Fall Membership Wine and Cheese Gathering and a chance to meet Audra Wilson, Executive Director LWVIL!

Cross-League Forum 2018

Area Leagues co-sponsored a Candidates Debate

LWVs of  Highland Park/Highwood, Deerfield Area and Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Area co-sponsor a Fall 2018 Candidates Forum

LWV and local Women in Government

Exploring the influence of LWV - Womens History 2015

Local women in government speak about the League!  March 2015

LWVHP/HWD Immigration Series 2019

Immigration Event

The History of Immigration in the United States - July 10, 2019 

LWVIL 59th Biennium Delegation

LWVIL Convention 2019

Delegates to the 2019 LWVIL Convention in Champaign.

Proud to be part of Highland Park's 150 Year Sesquicentennial Parade!

Parade Time July 4th, 2019

Celebrating Highland Park's Sesquicentennial Anniversary on July 4th!

Highland Park/Highwood

The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages informed and active participation in government. League influences public policy through education and advocacy.  The Highland Park League was founded in 1928.


Since 1928

92 years of Making Democracy Work!



Using the Power of Music to GOTV

Catch this video introduction to a full-scale musical:  "Perfect 36"


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LWVIL: One of a series of monthly articles covering some of the history of the League of Women Voters, as well as the women’s suffrage movement that led to the enactment of the 19th Amendment (August 26, 1920) and the creation of the League in Chicago on February 14, 1920.

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